Camp New Horizons is held on an October weekend for children who have lost a brother or sister to cancer or a blood disorder. It is sponsored by the Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders of Palmetto Health Richland. Children from seven hospitals in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia participate in this unique camp which began in 1998. Camp New Horizons hopes to help children with the task of mourning. Through sharing their experience with children who have the same concerns, it is hoped that each child will gain strength as well as encouragement.

The focus of activities and interactions at Camp New Horizons is to assist each child in expressing his feelings, remembering the child who died, learning about grief, moving forward in life and building self esteem. Children accomplish this by participating in music, art and other fun activities as well as educational sessions.

If children are allowed to grieve when someone they love dies, then they will have a much better chance of growing into healthy adults. Although we can't change the fact that they have lost a loved one or that their lives are changed forever, Camp New Horizons strives to be an experience that helps these children rediscover hope and joy in their lives.

Call (803) 434-3710 for more information.

*Camp New Horizons is fully funded by The Scott Hannon Foundation.