Sickle Cell Circle of Hope surrounds patients with others facing the same disease. 

 Sickle cell disease (SCD) is the most common genetic disorder affecting 1 in 310 African-American babies born in South Carolina. SCD affects the red blood cells and is characterized by fatigue from chronic anemia, recurrent and debilitating pain crises, and increased susceptibility to stroke and life-threatening infection. SCD can have a chronic impact on the physical, social, educational and occupational functioning of children and their families.

At Children's Hospital at Palmetto Health Richland, we care for nearly 500 children affected by SCD. In 2006, the Sickle Cell Circle of Hope Council (SCCOH) was formed to provide a sustainable program to support children and their families to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Specific initiatives follow:

Fall day retreat at a local park for children with SCD and their families to connect with one another and participate in fun and educational activities

Summer camp experience for children with SCD

School support; 1 in 5 children with sickle cell anemia suffers a stroke and many more have other complications that can impact their academic performance

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